Meet Our Mentors...

Prof. Sandesh Rane

Sandesh is a senior industry professional with more than 36 years of insightful experience as Top Management in Corporate and as Domain Consultant to Businesses including Start Ups. Currently he is also an Independent Director for PVIA Valuation Professional Organisation. He is proficient in conceptualizing strategy, collaborations and business associations. He has been creating value for businesses. His functional areas of work are Business transformation, Business Collaborations, Marketing, Business Development and Entrepreneurship development. Sandesh holds electrical engineering degree from Bangalore University. He has done post graduation in management from S P Jain Institute of Management Studies at Mumbai

Miss Bharati kokane

Costume Designer/ Stylist

Designed for Marathi experimental theatre in Pune summer festivals.
This how started working as a costume designer when i did tried in every other field but i realised this who i want to be.
I worked mostly on the period films like manikarnika,panipat,
Worked commercial movie covid stories, Nausikhiye ,Jailer, Happy Ending etc,.

I have made a significant mark in the world of styling for film and has worked on prominent productions across India in multiple languages. My journey is a testament to talent, dedication, and a profound understanding of the intricate art of cinematic aesthetics. Without further ado, my works have futured in various platforms and talents ( AD’s, fashion shows, events, films , TVC, promotional, festivals fleas. At this young prodigy I have dressed the stars of both national and international cinema, which has made me and bought me here with such immense pleasure I present my label aswell “BHARATI KAILAS”

Dinesh Baniya

Mr. Dinesh Baniya is a professional in the field of Ayurveda. With a deep understanding of traditional Ayurvedic principles and practices, he has demonstrated a commitment to promoting holistic health and wellness. He possesses the ability to inspire and guide individuals, imparting practical insights into the application of Ayurvedic principles in healthcare. Mr. Baniya's dedication to the well-being of individuals is evident in his personalized approach to counselling. His empathetic and compassionate nature creates a supportive environment for those seeking advice on Ayurvedic healthcare. He has successfully guided numerous individuals on their journey to better health through Ayurvedic practices.