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Dr. Manoj Chavan

Founder & CEO

Prof(Dr.) Manojkumar Chavan  Director and CEO , is a self-motivated educationist, who always believed that if a nation has to progress then it is a basic need to educate the young generation of this country. Prof(Dr.) Manojkumar Chavan has an educational background of Mechanical  Engineering.
 He is a prominent educationist who was one of the foremost thinkers of introducing job-linked and real-life work-based educational programs.
 Prof(Dr.) Manojkumar Chavan is known for his pragmatic approach towards education and a humanitarian outlook towards enthusiastic and hardworking students and since 1993 he has touched the lives of over 30000 students and professionals. An alumnus of Shivaji university,Kolhapur,  with 27 + years of Administrative &Teaching experience for uplifting living standards of the students through skill development education . several skill development training & projects have been initiated during last 10 years in Maharashtra..

Mrs. Vrushali Gaurkar

Director (Operations)

Vrushali  is a  B.sc in Textile and Clothing and M.sc in Fashion Apparel Design working as Director (Operations ) and media enterprenur  with 9+ yrs experience and  Director Operations  With a background from SNDT, she brings a wealth of experience and a fashion designing  and academic  perspective to our projects.  Vrushali has extensive experience as a Director (Operations) and media entrepreneur, with over 9 years of experience. Her background from SNDT (Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women’s University) and her perspective in fashion designing and academics can certainly bring a unique and valuable skill set to projects.

Directors of Operations often play a crucial role in overseeing and managing various aspects of an organization’s activities to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Vrushali’s academic background in fashion design might be particularly beneficial if she is involved in projects related to the fashion or design industry.

Having both operational and creative skills can be a valuable combination in the world of media and entrepreneurship. It allows for a well-rounded approach to managing and developing project

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Mr. Ajay Prajapati

Director (Academic)

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Mr. Pramod Dubey

Director (Industry Connect)

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Mr. Kailas Patil

Chief Finance Officer

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Prof. Aniruddha Tiwari

Director (IT Skilling)

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Prof. Dinesh Maurya

Director (Sales)

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Prof. Vinay Jadhav

General Manager (EduConnect)