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Dr. Satish Silaskar

Dr. Satish M. Silaskar received the B.E. and M.E. degree in Production Engineering from Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Maharashtra, India in 1995 and 2008, respectively and Ph.D. in (Technology) Mechanical Engineering from University of Mumbai in 2021.

 Presently he is working  as Head of the department, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, in New Horizon Institute of Technology and Management, Thane. He served on several academic administrative positions at Colleges & University of Mumbai. He is having 4 years of experience in industry and more than 24 Years in academics. He is published More than 25 papers in various conferences and international journals.  He is a senior Member of IIIE and Life member ISTE.

Shobha Kharatmol

Shobha Raju Kharatmol is an esteemed professional dedicated to imparting knowledge in the field of Retail Management. Holding a Master's degree in Business Management from Bunts Sangha College, she brings a robust academic background to her role. With a wealth of experience in teaching, she has honed her skills and expertise over the years, making her a valuable asset to the educational community. Ms. Kharatmol serves as a Coordinator for the B.VoC (Bachelor of Vocation) program in Retail Management. Her commitment to excellence and passion for education is evident in her teaching approach. She combines her theoretical knowledge with practical insights, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the retail industry. Her teaching methodology goes beyond traditional classroom learning, incorporating real-world examples and case studies to ensure that students gain a practical understanding of the subject matter. With her guidance, students are not only equipped with the academic knowledge required for success but also develop the skills necessary for a successful career in the dynamic field of retail management. Coordinator Shobha Raju Kharatmol's dedication to her students, coupled with her extensive experience and academic qualifications, makes her an inspiring figure in the realm of business education. Her role as a coordinator signifies her ability to organize and streamline educational processes, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the Retail Management course under her guidance.

Dr. S.Ram Reddy

Dr. S.Ram Reddy is a distinguished professional with a remarkable academic background and extensive experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. S.Ram Reddy holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in the same field. With over 35 years of teaching and administrative experience in various engineering colleges across Maharashtra, he has proven his dedication and expertise in education. He has served as a guide for Ph.D. scholars in different universities, providing valuable mentorship and guidance to aspiring researchers.Additionally, Dr. S.Ram Reddy has been an active member of the Board of Studies at the University of Mumbai, contributing significantly to curriculum development and academic planning. His research work has been published in both national and international journals, showcasing his commitment to advancing knowledge in his field.Furthermore, Dr. S Ramreddy has been a keynote speaker at several prestigious conferences, where his insights and expertise have enlightened many in the academic community.

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Prof. Vishal Salunkhe
Prof. Pawan Chaudhary